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Artist biography

Kachun Lay is a Chinese-Norwegian artist from Lillesand, currently working between Oslo, Norway and Melbourne, Australia. Lay works process-oriented in the fields of sculpture, drawing, installation, and performance. His practice is considered a transdisciplinary field that is inspired by Personality Psychology, Ecopsychology, and Geology. Lay works in layers, both in meaning and material. His work investigates our relationships towards human individuals in comparison with nature, and the social communities that these relationships create. Through material exploration along with physical interaction, Lay makes work that seems to be in a hybrid state between the natural and artificial realm. Through his practice,

Lay aims for the audience to examine the connection we have to life, and our relationships towards individuals, society, environment, and nature.

Lay has exhibited in both group and solo shows in Melbourne, Oslo, Bergen, Kristiansand, Lillestrøm

and Lillesand and was appointed "Local Artist of the Month" in June 2017 by Aust-Agder county.

He holds a bachelor’s in fine arts degree from Oslo National Academy of the Arts and a vocational

degree in visual art from Bergen Art School. Lay is currently undertaking a Master of Contemporary

Art at Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne.

Curriculum Vitae


2019 - 2020: Master of Contemporary Art, Victorian College of Art (University of Melbourne), Melbourne.

2013 - 2016: Bachelor of Fine Arts, National Academy of the Arts, Oslo.

2015: PAS (Performance Art Studies) supervised by BBB Johannes Deimling, Oslo.

2011 - 2013: Bergen Vocational Art School (Visual Art), Bergen.


Solo Exhibitions

2015: "Squeezed out pipeline» Open Academy, Gallery White Box, Khio, Oslo.

2015: Photo Exhibition at Kaffegram, Sagene Oslo, Norway.

2014: "FUCK THIS, I'M DONE", Skylight Gallery, Oslo.


Group Exhibitions

2020: "Geo Subjects", Graduation show at The Victorian College of Arts, Melbourne, Australia. 

2019: “Traces of Light #1”, Photo exhibition, “PHOTOSTATS Redux” at George Paton Gallery, Melbourne, Australia. Curated by Dr Masato Takasaka.

2019: “Principal’s Office”, MCA 1st year exhibition, “Quarter Time” at VCA Art Space, Melbourne, Australia. Curated by Dr Kim Donaldson.

2019: “Close-up study/ Excavation”, group exhibition by VCA international students, “Gaping” at Art Space, VCA, Melbourne.

2019: “Let’s Eat”, as part of group exhibition, "The Prosumers", Assembly Point, Creative Spaces, Melbourne, Australia. Curated by Dr Kate Just.

2017: "7 sfærer / 7 Spheres" HATCH 10th anniversary exhibition, X-huset, Kristiansand, Norway.

2017: Varied work as part of the exhibition, “Historical Perspective”, Meta Hansen culture house, Lillesand, Norway.

2016, "Fair Play II" HATCH 2016, Gallery ARTendal, Arendal, Norway.

2016: "Tracks on Tracks," Drawing for Freedom, Akershus Art Centre, Lillestrom, Norway.

2016: "Fair Play" Graduation show at The National Academy of the Arts in Oslo, Norway.

2015: "Coexist" Collaboration with Martin Kolsrud, The National Academy of the arts, Oslo, Norway.

2013: Bergen Art School graduation exhibition, Laksevåg, Bergen, Norway.


2019: “Let’s Roll Light”, Victorian College of Art, Melbourne.

2018: "3 x 3" Oslo Performance Art Festival, Galleri ROM, Norway.

2016: "Fættskit" Gallery BOA, Oslo, Norway.

2015: "Kung Fu Plane", PAO performance art festival, ANX Oslo, Norway.

2015: "The Soldier" PAB OPEN performance festival, former Bergen assessment prison, Norway.
2014: "Fixer’s Manifesto", Public Performance in Bogstadveien, Oslo, Norway.

2014: "Balancing on Beams" PI (Performance Inquisition): Live Laboratory, Performance at the Academy Room, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, Norway.



2019: Appointed for VCA ACCESS Mentorship program for graduating Master students 2020.

2017: Artist of the Month, June 2017, appointed by the Aust-Agder Library and Culture Conveys.


Industry work experience:


2017 - 2019: Art Handler at The National Museum of Art, Design and Architecture,

2015            : Commission work for Hopyard, Mathallen Oslo,

2014 - 2015: Assistant for the late Norwegian artist Hariton Pushwagner.


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